Style guidelines

Glass has a unique style, so we suggest that you follow the guidelines provided in these guides whenever possible:


Glass displays all system text in Roboto Light, Roboto Regular, or Roboto Thin, determined by font size. If you create live cards or immersions, feel free to use the same or different typography to convey your own branding.


You have limited space for text, so follow these guidelines when you write text for applications.

Keep it brief.

Be concise, simple and precise. Look for alternatives to long text, such as:

  • Read the content aloud.
  • Show images or video.
  • Remove unnecessary features.

Keep it simple

Pretend you're speaking to someone who's smart and competent, but doesn't know technical jargon and might not speak English very well. Use short words, active verbs, and common nouns.

Be friendly

Use contractions. Use second person, "you," to talk directly to the reader. If your text doesn't read the way you'd say it in casual conversation, it's probably not the way you should write it.

Put the most important thing first

The first two words, around 11 characters, should include a taste of the most important information in the string. If they don't, start over. Describe only what's necessary. Don't try to explain subtle differences.

Avoid repetition

If a significant term gets repeated within a screen or block of text, find a way to use it just once.


The default background on Glass is black which is rendered as transparent. This way, the background consumes less power, which can help increase battery life.

If you want to experiment with background colors, we suggest that you explore the Material Design guidelines for colors and backgrounds.