Provisioning and configuration

Low-touch provisioning allows a customer to set Glass up by scanning a QR code that points to an MDM agent or to a custom agent. The agent then takes care of the entire device provisioning and configuration process.

How Low-touch provisioning works

Low-touch provisioning for Glass EE2 follows the standard Android Provisioning QR code format. The Device Owner role is handled the same as an Android Device Owner (DO), which is controlled by Android Device Policy Manager (DPM) APIs. For a full list of properties that you can include in a QR code bundle, see Create a QR code.

Provisioning UI flow

When you begin the Low-touch provisioning process, the device boots up to a welcome screen with two options:

  • Tap to proceed with provisioning.
  • Swipe down to skip Provisioning Wizard and continue with standard boot process.

After you make your selection, you're asked to scan a QR code. Scan the QR code that your MDM or custom agent provided.