Google Developers Experts

Who are Google Developer Experts?

Google Developer Experts (GDEs) are experts in one or more Google developer technologies. The GDE program recognizes the exemplary work done by these rock stars for the Google Developers worldwide by inviting them to be part of the growing GDE community. GDEs are gurus, mentors and friends; they are developers just like you. Visit the member directory to find an expert in the products you care about. Google Developers Experts speak in local and global events, have a strong online presence and an excellent technical background in their field. These independent developers bring their real-world experience and knowledge working with Google technologies to developer communities worldwide.

What kind of activities do GDEs do?

GDEs write code and launch apps; they open source as much as possible of the code they write to benefit other developers. They have written and continue to write blog posts, articles, documentation, books, etc. about development on the Google platform. They also translate existing documentation into other languages to benefit local developers. GDEs have high reps on forums like Stack Overflow and are top contributors on product mailing lists. They speak at developer conferences, organize and lead GDGs, and conduct hackathons.

GDEs can be nominated for the program for doing one or more types of activities for a product. Once they are accepted as a GDE, they are expected to continue contributing in any of the ways listed above.

Benefits of being a GDE

  • GDE program badge - Every GDE receives a badge icon that mentions the product and the year for which they are a member of the program. The badge links to the GDE directory on and serves as a way to certify their membership. The badge may be used on websites, business cards, etc. as per the badge use guidelines.
  • Listing in the GDE Directory
  • Early access to confidential information - Every incoming GDE signs an NDA and agrees to the Terms & Conditions of the program. Following that, Google product teams can share roadmaps, upcoming product features and other confidential information about products with GDEs; both to get their feedback and to keep them informed.
  • Closer relationship with Google Developer Relations - GDEs participate in regular, exclusive hangouts with Google engineers and developer advocates and let them know about bugs or any issues within the community. GDEs can also provide their insights on products and prioritize outreach programs for their regions.
  • Travel to local conferences and events - If a local event/conference has impact on the local developer community, them the GDE could be invited to speak at the conference on Google's behalf.
  • Annual GDE Summit - GDEs get an all-expenses-paid trip to the annual GDE Summit at Google HQ in Mountain View where they get to meet Googlers and other GDEs face to face, share and learn best practices, get product updates and insights, present the activities they've been working on, and get feedback.
  • Google I/O - GDEs also receive a partner invitation to attend the annual Google I/O conference in San Francisco.

How to become a GDE

GDEs are nominated by a Googler or a current GDE for their work with the developer community. Each nomination is carefully evaluated by Google Developer Relations. The candidate meets with Googlers and GDEs to judge their technical chops as well as their passion for the product and the community before they can join the global community of GDEs.

The tenure for a GDE is 1 year. After a year, a GDE is officially considered to have exited the program and goes through a re-evaluation to be renewed.

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