API tutorials

Self-paced Tutorials

These tutorials are an introduction to using the Earth Engine JavaScript API for advanced geospatial analysis. The tutorials assume no programming background, although they do assume a willingness to learn some JavaScript programming. Use the links below to get started on the tutorials or use the menus on the left to jump to a section of interest.

  1. Introduction to JavaScript for Earth Engine
  2. Introduction to the Earth Engine JavaScript API
  3. Introduction to Global Forest Change datasets
  4. Introduction to the JRC Global Surface Water dataset

Video Tutorials

These video tutorials are from lectures and/or hands-on trainings conducted at the Earth Engine Users' Summit. View the videos after completeing the self-paced tutorials.

  1. Hands-on Intermediate Training
  2. Time Series Analysis
  3. Importing and Exporting
  4. Earth Engine and the Google Cloud Platform

Hands-on Intermediate Training

Topics covered include classification, spectral unmixing and terrain visualization.

Time Series Analysis

Topics covered include linear modeling, auto-correlation, cross-correlation, auto-regressive models and smoothing. companion slides

Importing and Exporting

Topics covered include importing and exporting Earth Engine data, the command line interface, and map publishing.

Earth Engine and the Google Cloud Platform

Introduction to interoperability between Earth Engine and the Google Cloud Platform.

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