Writing your first Community Tutorial

Our user community is constantly building novel and impactful applications of the Earth Engine platform. This space is dedicated to our prolific and talented users who want to share their own hands-on guides with the rest of the community. Created by Earth Engine users, for Earth Engine users, tutorials in this section are intended for all levels, from beginner guides to walk throughs of more advanced techniques.

Submitting a tutorial

Community tutorials are stored in Markdown files on GitHub where they can be reviewed and edited by the community.

To submit a tutorial:

  1. Accept the Contributor License Agreement (CLA) at:


  2. Read the style guide before preparing your submission:

    View the style guide

  3. Create and submit your tutorial using one of the following methods:

    Via GitHub website

    You can fork the GitHub repository and add a new tutorial directly via the GitHub web UI in three easy steps:

    1. Click here

    2. Enter a name for the tutorial file of the form:


      Where your-tutorial-name is the short name of your tutorial in all lowercase. Use dashes ("-") to separate words. Do not use spaces or any other punctuation in the folder name.

    3. Below the GitHub editor interface you can find a form and buttons for committing your changes and opening a pull request when ready.

    git command-line

    Alternatively, you can manually fork and clone the repo, make and commit your changes, and then open a pull request:

    1. Fork the community repository: github.com/google/earthengine-community.
    2. Clone your fork to your local machine.
    3. Create a new folder under tutorials/. The folder name should be all lowercase, with dashes separating each word (e.g., tutorials/my-tutorial).
    4. Write your tutorial to index.md in the new folder, along with files containing example code and images where appropriate.
    5. Commit your changes and open a pull request.
  4. Once you've opened a pull request, a reviewer will be assigned to review your submission. They'll work with you to ensure your submission meets the style guide, but it helps if you follow it as you write your tutorial.

  5. Once your pull request is approved and merged your submission will be published.