USGS 3DEP 10m National Map Seamless (1/3 Arc-Second)

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This is the seamless 3DEP DEM dataset for the U.S. with full coverage of the 48 conterminous states, Hawaii, and U.S. territories. Alaska coverage is partially available now and is being expanded to statewide coverage as part of the Alaska Mapping Initiative. Ground spacing is approximately 10 meters north/south, but variable east/west due to convergence of meridians with latitude.

Spatial metadata dataset is ingested as a separate asset USGS_3DEP_10m_metadata.

The 1m dataset is ingested as USGS_3DEP_1m.

Dataset uploaded by Farmers Business Network.



Name Units Pixel Size Description
elevation m 10.2 meters


Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Most U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) information resides in the public domain and may be used without restriction. Additional information on Acknowledging or Crediting USGS as Information Source is available.


  • U.S. Geological Survey, 3D Elevation Program 10-Meter Resolution Digital Elevation Model.

Explore in Earth Engine

var dataset = ee.Image('USGS/3DEP/10m')
var elevation ='elevation');
var slope = ee.Terrain.slope(elevation);
Map.setCenter(-112.8598, 36.2841, 10);
Map.addLayer(elevation, {min: 0, max: 3000,   palette: [
    '3ae237', 'b5e22e', 'd6e21f', 'fff705', 'ffd611', 'ffb613', 'ff8b13',
    'ff6e08', 'ff500d', 'ff0000', 'de0101', 'c21301', '0602ff', '235cb1',
    '307ef3', '269db1', '30c8e2', '32d3ef', '3be285', '3ff38f', '86e26f'
}, 'elevation');
Map.addLayer(slope, {min: 0, max: 60}, 'slope');