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This is a feature collection created from the geometries of L4A tables in LARSE/GEDI/GEDI04_A_002. Each feature is a polygon footprint of a source table with its asset id and start/end timestamps.

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The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation GEDI mission aims to characterize ecosystem structure and dynamics to enable radically improved quantification and understanding of the Earth's carbon cycle and biodiversity. The GEDI instrument, attached to the International Space Station (ISS), collects data globally between 51.6° N and 51.6° S latitudes at the highest resolution and densest sampling of the 3-dimensional structure of the Earth. The GEDI instrument consists of three lasers producing a total of eight beam ground transects, which instantaneously sample eight ~25 m footprints spaced approximately every 60 m along-track.

Product Description
L2A Vector LARSE/GEDI/GEDI02_A_002
L2A Monthly raster LARSE/GEDI/GEDI02_A_002_MONTHLY
L2A table index LARSE/GEDI/GEDI02_A_002_INDEX
L2B Vector LARSE/GEDI/GEDI02_B_002
L2B Monthly raster LARSE/GEDI/GEDI02_B_002_MONTHLY
L2B table index LARSE/GEDI/GEDI02_B_002_INDEX
L4A Biomass Vector LARSE/GEDI/GEDI04_A_002
L4A Monthly raster LARSE/GEDI/GEDI04_A_002_MONTHLY
L4A table index LARSE/GEDI/GEDI04_A_002_INDEX
L4B Biomass LARSE/GEDI/GEDI04_B_002

Table Schema

Table Schema

Name Type Description
table_id STRING

GEDI L4A table collection Ids

time_start STRING

GEDI L4A table start time in the ISO 8601 format

time_end STRING

GEDI L4A table end time in the ISO 8601 format

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This dataset is in the public domain and is available without restriction on use and distribution. See NASA's Earth Science Data & Information Policy for additional information.


  • GEDI L4A Footprint Level Aboveground Biomass Density, Version 2.1. Dubayah, R.O., J. Armston, J.R. Kellner, L. Duncanson, S.P. Healey, P.L. Patterson, S. Hancock, H. Tang, J. Bruening, M.A. Hofton, J.B. Blair, and S.B. Luthcke. 2022. ORNL DAAC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/2056

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var rectangle = ee.Geometry.Rectangle([
  -111.22, 24.06, -6.54, 51.9
// Filter index by date and location
var filter_index = ee.FeatureCollection(
  'time_start > "2020-10-10T15:57:18Z" && time_end < "2020-10-11T01:20:45Z"')

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