Drive API v2 and v3 comparison reference

This reference provides all resource differences between v2 and v3. For high-level differences between the two versions, see Drive API v2 and v3 comparison guide.

Method differences between v2 and v3

This table shows v2 methods that have changed in v3.

v2 Method v3 Method
children.delete files.update on the child with ?removeParents=parent_id
children.get files.list with ?q='parent_id'+in+parents
children.insert files.update on the child with ?addParents=parent_id
children.list files.list with ?q='parent_id'+in+parents
comments.insert comments.create
comments.patch comments.update
files.insert files.create
files.patch files.update
files.touch files.update with {'modifiedTime':'timestamp'}
files.trash files.update with {'trashed':true}
files.untrash files.update with {'trashed':false}
parents.delete files.update with ?removeParents=parent_id
parents.get files.get with ?fields=parents
parents.insert files.update with ?addParents=parent_id
parents.list files.get with ?fields=parents
permissions.getIdForEmail n/a
permissions.insert permissions.create
permissions.patch permissions.update
properties.delete PRIVATE: files.update with {'appProperties':{'key':null}}
PUBLIC: files.update with {'properties':{'key':null}}
properties.get PRIVATE: files.get with fields='appProperties'
PUBLIC: files.get with fields='properties'
properties.insert PRIVATE: files.update with {'appProperties':{'key':'value'}}
PUBLIC: files.update with {'properties':{'key':'value'}}
properties.list PRIVATE: files.get with fields='appProperties'
PUBLIC: files.get with fields='properties'
properties.update PRIVATE: files.update with {'appProperties':{'key':'value'}}
PUBLIC: files.update with {'properties':{'key':'value'}}
replies.insert replies.create
replies.patch replies.update
revisions.patch revisions.update

Parameter differences between v2 and v3

The following table shows methods that are the same in v2 and v3, but take different parameters.

Method v2 Parameter v3 Parameter
about.get includeSubscribed n/a
about.get maxChangeIdCount n/a
about.get startChangeId n/a
changes.list includeDeleted includeRemoved
changes.list includeSubscribed=true restrictToMyDrive=false
changes.list includeSubscribed=false restrictToMyDrive=true
changes.list maxResults pageSize
changes.list startChangeId pageToken
changes.list etag n/a
changes.list items changes
changes.list largestChangeId newStartPageToken
changes.list nextLink nextPageToken
changes.list selfLink n/a
comments.list maxResults pageSize
comments.list updatedMin startModifiedTime
comments.list nextLink nextPageToken
comments.list selfLink n/a
comments.list items comments
files.copy convert Provide the target mimeType in the resource body
files.copy ocr OCR is enabled automatically for image imports
files.copy pinned keepRevisionForever
files.copy timedTextLanguage n/a
files.copy timedTextTrackName n/a
files.copy visibility=DEFAULT ignoreDefaultVisibility=false
files.copy visibility=PRIVATE ignoreDefaultVisibility=true
files.insert convert Provide the target mimeType in the resource body
files.insert ocr OCR is enabled automatically for image imports
files.insert pinned keepRevisionForever
files.insert timedTextLanguage n/a
files.insert timedTextTrackName n/a
files.insert visibility=DEFAULT ignoreDefaultVisibility=false
files.insert visibility=PRIVATE ignoreDefaultVisibility=true
files.get projection n/a
files.get revisionId revisions.get
files.get updateViewedDate files.update with {'viewedByMeTime':'timestamp'}
files.generateIds maxResults count
files.list corpora=default corpus=user
files.list corpora=domain corpus=domain
files.list maxResults pageSize
files.list etag n/a
files.list items files
files.list nextLink nextPageToken
files.list selfLink n/a
files.update modifiedDateBehavior The modified date is set automatically if not provided in the resource body.
files.update newRevision n/a
files.update ocr OCR is enabled automatically for image imports
files.update pinned keepRevisionForever
files.update setModifiedDate n/a
files.update timedTextLanguage n/a
files.update timedTextTrackName n/a
files.update updateViewedDate files.update with {'viewedByMeTime':'timestamp'}
permissions.insert sendNotificationEmails sendNotificationEmail
permissions.list etag n/a
permissions.list items permissions
permissions.list selfLink n/a
replies.list maxResults pageSize
replies.list items replies
replies.list nextLink nextPageToken
replies.list selfLink n/a
revisions.list etag n/a
revisions.list items revisions
revisions.list selfLink n/a

Resource field differences between v2 and v3

This table shows resource fields that have changed from v2 to v3.

Resource v2 Field v3 Field
About additionalRoleInfo n/a
About domainSharingPolicy n/a
About etag n/a
About features n/a
About languageCode n/a
About largestChangeId changes.getStartPageToken
About maxUploadSizes maxImportSizes and maxUploadSize
About name user.displayName
About permissionId user.permissionId
About quotaBytesByService n/a
About quotaType Indicated by the presence or absence of storageQuota.limit
About remainingChangeIds n/a
About rootFolderId files.get with fileId=root and ?fields=id
About selfLink n/a
About isCurrentAppInstalled appInstalled
About quotaBytesTotal storageQuota.limit
About quotaBytesUsed storageQuota.usageInDrive
About quotaBytesUsedAggregate storageQuota.usage
About quotaBytesUsedInTrash storageQuota.usageInDriveTrash
Apps etag n/a
Changes deleted removed
Changes id n/a
Changes selfLink n/a
Changes modificationDate time
Comments context.type quotedFileContent.mimeType
Comments context.value quotedFileContent.value
Comments createdDate createdTime
Comments fileId n/a
Comments fileTitle files.get with ?fields=name
Comments modifiedDate modifiedTime
Comments selfLink n/a
Comments status resolved
Files alternateLink webViewLink
Files appDataContents spaces
Files copyable capabilities.canCopy
Files createdDate createdTime
Files defaultOpenWithLink n/a
Files downloadUrl files.get with ?alt=media
Files editable capabilities.canEdit
Files embedLink n/a
Files etag n/a
Files fileSize size
Files imageMediaMetadata.time
Files indexableText.text contentHints.indexableText
Files copyRequiresWriterPermission viewersCanCopyContent
Files labels.starred starred
Files labels.trashed trashed
Files labels.viewed viewedByMe
Files lastModifyingUserName lastModifyingUser.displayName
Files lastViewedByMeDate viewedByMeTime
Files modifiedByMeDate modifiedByMeTime
Files modifiedDate modifiedTime
Files openWithLinks n/a
Files ownerNames owners.displayName
Files selfLink n/a
Files sharedWithMeDate sharedWithMeTime
Files thumbnail.image contentHints.thumbnail.image
Files thumbnail.mimeType contentHints.thumbnail.mimeType
Files title name
Files userPermission ownedByMe, capabilities.canEdit, capabilities.canComment
Files webViewLink n/a
Permissions additionalRoles role
Permissions authKey n/a
Permissions etag n/a
Permissions name displayName
Permissions selfLink n/a
Permissions value emailAddress or domain
Permissions withLink=true allowFileDiscovery=false
Permissions withLink=false allowFileDiscovery=true
Replies createdDate createdTime
Replies modifiedDate modifiedTime
Replies replyId id
Replies verb action
Revisions downloadUrl revisions.get with ?alt=media
Revisions etag n/a
Revisions fileSize size
Revisions lastModifyingUserName lastModifyingUser.displayName
Revisions modifiedDate modifiedTime
Revisions pinned keepForever
Revisions publishedLink n/a
Revisions selfLink n/a
Revisions isAuthenticatedUser me
Revisions lastModifyingUser.picture.url photoLink