List labels on a file

Your organization can have multiple labels, with labels having any number of fields. This page describes how to list all labels on a single Google Drive file.

To list the file labels, use the files.listLabels method. The request body must be empty. The method also takes the optional query parameter maxResults to set the maximum number of labels to return per page. If not set, 100 results are returned.

If successful, the response body contains the list of labels applied to a file. These exist within an items object of type Label.


The following code sample shows how to use the label's fileId to retrieve the correct labels.


List<Label> labelList =


label_list_response = drive_service.files().listLabels(fileId="FILE_ID").execute();


* Lists all the labels on a Drive file
* @return{obj} a list of Labels
async function listLabels() {
  // Get credentials and build service
  // TODO (developer) - Use appropriate auth mechanism for your app

  const {GoogleAuth} = require('google-auth-library');
  const {google} = require('googleapis');

  const auth = new GoogleAuth({scopes: ''});
  const service ={version: 'v3', auth});
  try {
    const labelListResponse = await service.files.listLabels({
      fileId: 'FILE_ID',
    return labelListResponse;
  } catch (err) {
    // TODO (developer) - Handle error
    throw err;

Replace FILE_ID with the fileId of the file for which you want the list of labels.