Handle a New URL

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When a user clicks the "New" button and selects an app in the Drive UI, Drive redirects the user to that app's New URL defined when you Configure a Drive integration.

As mentioned in Configure a Drive UI integration, your app receives a default set of template variables within a state parameter. The default state information for a New URL is:


To handle this information:

  1. Detect the create value in the state parameter to verify that this is a request to create a new file.

  2. Use the files.create method to create the file using the folderId and userId values.

The state parameter is URL-encoded, so your app must handle the escape characters and parse it as JSON.

Handle Create New events

Drive apps should treat all "Create new" events as potential logins. Some users may have multiple accounts, so the user ID in the state parameter might not match the current session. If the user ID in the state parameter doesn't match the current session, end the current session for your app and log in as the requested user.