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Evgeny's Story

Meet Evgeny Kot, a Google Developer Expert in Web, Dart, and Flutter from Russia. Evgeny talks about what it means to be a GDE and how it’s given him the opportunity to reach a global audience.
Evgeny's first computer was a black market device created from parts of a Nintendo gaming system. When he was 15 he got his first real computer but with no tech support available he had to learn everything himself. Soon after he earned his first 100 bucks by helping update an interactive map on his friend’s website. Today, he is an extremely active developer in Russia and internationally, an organizer of one of biggest conferences in Russia, such as DartUp (for Dart and Flutter), HolyJS (for Web), a YouTube podcaster producing Pyjamatalks series and a fierce DEI and women in tech advocate, supporting a number of initiatives including the Russian edition of Google's Women Developer Academy. Read more.
-- Evgeny Kot
GDE, Dart, Flutter, & Web Technologies

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