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Pankaj's Story

Edtech simple as a click: TagHive plans a platform for a million classrooms
From India to South Korea, an AI-powered quiz app engages students from school to home

Pankaj Agarwal is a Harvard MBA, an elite engineering grad of IIT Kanpur and Seoul University, and a member of the Fortune India 40 under 40 list. He began his education as a child in a rural Indian government school. His experience inspired him to create the startup TagHive and its game-changing edtech. “TagHive began when I returned to visit my hometown,” says Agarwal. “The public schools were still in the same condition they were thirty years ago when I was a student. Nearly half of students in fifth grade are unable to perform second grade-level mathematics, and nearly a quarter of teachers report daily student absenteeism.” Read more.
-- Pankaj Agarwal
Founder, TagHive

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