Learn how Google Developer Student Clubs have successfully built their communities and engaged members to learn and share best practices with one another.

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April 2022

Android Study Jams, hosted by Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) chapters across the globe and in India, leverage peer-to-peer teaching to train a new generation of student Android developers. The program aims to help student developers build their careers and put them on a solid path towards earning an Associate Android Developers Certification. Three students from the GDSC community in India, Amsavarthan Lv, Rishi Balamurugan, and Sanjay S. went the extra kilometer to earn their certifications.

February 2022

A forward-looking group of university students from 27 different Latin American nations and Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) have formed a continent-wide network to chart a course forward for their continent. They are building a community of Spanish-speaking Latin American student developers that support each other, help foster leadership skills, and bring more opportunities to student developers in the region.

January 2022

We invite students around the world to join the Google Developer Student Clubs 2022 Solution Challenge! Where students from around the world are invited to solve for one of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals using Google technologies.

January 2022

Milindi identified an opportunity to establish a more diverse and inclusive tech club to prepare students to work in the tech industry. Using both her instincts and passion for community building, she set out on a mission to re-establish a Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) at RMIT University.

December 2021

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSCs) members are empowered to make an impact on the issues that matter both on the global and local scales. Aysu decided to join the 2021 Solution Challenge, and took part in a local hackathon organized. She and other GDSC members at Bogazici University on her team chose to create an app to encourage plastic recycling, never guessing it would lead to mentorship, guidance, and tools to launch an environmentally-focused social enterprise start-up.

November 2021

A GDSC Lead and neurodiversity activist promoted awareness and acceptance in his home country of Brazil. João Victor Ipirajá, Google #DeveloperStudentClubs Lead, is using his platform to raise awareness about neurodiversity in Brazil. He used GDSC and educational content and gatherings to break down stereotypes and create community that celebrates diversity of all kinds.

October 2021

Chloe Quijano studied Applied Sciences and can already see how her GDSC experience of lighting others up supports professional development and inspires other females to join the field of STEM.

September 2021

With help from Google Developer Student Clubs, Yara was able to grow her skills as a developer and connect with peers who shared her interests. She learned from the GDSC MENA program manager that GDSC Leads would have the opportunity to take the TensorFlow Certification exam, if they wished to take it -- after lots of hard work, she passed became one of 27 people in Africa to receive the TensorFlow Developer Certificate.

August 2021

What have we learned from the challenges that we’ve faced over the past year and continue to face today? How absolutely vital it is to protect our planet and the people living on it.

July 2021

Samuel Mugisha of GDSC Muni University has been very busy since we first shared his story in 2019. Back then, Samuel was a university student from Uganda who was inspired to create a mobile Immunization Calculator app to help keep track of children’s vaccinations after he saw his community using handwritten paper cards that were difficult to read and keep intact. Where are they now?

July 2021

When Olly Cohen first arrived on campus at Washington University in St. Louis (Wash U), he knew the school was home to many talented and eager developers, just like him. Computer science is one of the most popular majors at Wash U, and graduates often find jobs in the tech industry. With that in mind, Olly was eager to build a community of peers who wanted to take theories learned in the classroom and put them to the test with tangible, real-life projects.

June 2021

With 1,600 students by his side, Jack Lee grew the largest Google Developer Student Club in the world in just 6 months at the London School of Economics (LSE). A life-long athlete, who loves leading teams, Jack saw that reigniting his university’s GDSC would be a great opportunity to have a large impact on the local tech scene.

May 2021

We strive to make Android development content accessible to all, so that anyone can become an Android developer. Over the years, millions of students at all different levels have consumed our learning content and worked through courses and codelabs to advance their skills. We continue to update and release new content as the ever-changing industry continues to evolve.

Dang's story as a Google Developer Student Club lead

May 2021

Dang Nguyen, a computer engineering student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, shares his story of starting and leading a Google Developer Student Club chapter at his school in Vietnam. The program gave students access to resources and training that enabled them to build new and exciting projects. Dang believes in the power of technology and community to empower people and build products for a better future for Vietnam and the world.

April 2021

Google Developer Student Clubs recently hosted Android Study Jams, a collection of community-organized study groups, in 275 campuses across India. These study jams helped students build Android apps in the Kotlin programming language via a curriculum provided by Google.

April 2021

Hey, student developers! If you’re passionate about programming and are ready to use your technology skills to help your community, then you should become a Google Developer Student Clubs Lead! Application forms for the upcoming 2021-2022 academic year are NOW OPEN. Get started at goo.gle/gdsc-leads. Want to know more? Learn more about the program below.

February 2021

Google Developer Student Clubs, a program of university based community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies, recently started hosting study groups called Android Study Jams. The goal? Learn Android app development through hands-on codelabs in an online curriculum provided by Google. There are two tracks: one for students who are new to programming, and one for those who already have experience. Interested in participating? Facilitator materials are available for anyone to host Android Study Jams in their community - take a look and get to building.

February 2021

We strive to make Android development content accessible to all, so that anyone can become an Android developer. Over the years, millions of students at all different levels have consumed our learning content and worked through courses and codelabs to advance their skills. We continue to update and release new content as the ever-changing industry continues to evolve.

January 2021

Created by the United Nations in 2015 to be achieved by 2030, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agreed upon by all 193 United Nations Member States aim to end poverty, ensure prosperity, and protect the planet.

Krinza's Story - Google Developer Student Clubs

December 2020

Here’s the story of a Google Developer Student Club Lead from Karachi, Pakistan who discovered her leadership potential through her community. Krinza grew up with curiosity towards technology and computers. Despite academic achievements in university she had doubts with confidence and leadership.

December 2020

Computer Science Education Week kicks off on Monday, December 7th and runs through the 13th. This annual call-to-action was started in 2009 by the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) to raise awareness about the need to encourage CS education at all levels and to highlight the importance of computing across industries.

November 2020

Irene Ruiz Pozo is a former Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) Lead at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena in Murcia, Spain. As one of the founding members, Irene has seen the club grow from just a few student developers at her university to hosting multiple learning events across Spain. Recently, we spoke with Irene to understand more about the unique ways in which her team helped local university students learn more about Google technologies.

October 2020

The Google Developer Student Club at the Stevens Institute of Technology built their own website that makes local government data user friendly for voters in local districts. The goal: Take obscure budget and transportation information, display it via an easy-to-understand UI, and help voters become more easily informed.

August 2020

Join us for the 2020 Solution Challenge Demo Day hosted by Google Developer Student Clubs. We will showcase the top 10 winners and their solutions! You will get a chance to ask questions directly to these teams and learn more about the awesome Google technology behind their solutions.

July 2020

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) are university based community groups for students who are interested in Google's developer technologies. Each year, Google puts a call out to the entire GDSC global community, asking students to answer one simple question: Can you solve a local problem in your community by building with Google's technologies?

May 2020

As the world continues to embrace remote opportunities, Google Developer Group (GDG) and Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) communities have been working hard to support each other virtually – complete with online technical education and remote spaces to build local community connections. In particular, community groups in Sweden, Singapore, and throughout MENA have been creating resources to help developers find online employment, education, and engagement opportunities.

April 2020

Become a Google Developer Student Club Lead to help train thousands of student developers globally and work with their communities to solve real-life problems. Empower others and join us in building a global community for students.

January 2020

The Solution Challenge is live! Google Developer Student Clubs from 800+ universities across the globe will use technology to solve local problems in their communities.

December 2019

Here’s a great story of Developer Student Group member Destiana Choirun Nisak, who leveraged her local Google Developer Student Clubs community to build a flood alerting app, L-Flood. A Bojonegoro Village, Indonesia native, Destiana has seen and experienced how the floods affect her community. While enrolled at PENS University, Destiana met 'Dana' Surahutomo Aziz Pradana and they set out to create a solution that alerts those in the surrounding areas when they know the river is going to flood. Through the app, local authorities can send alerts and find the closest safe point based on their location.

August 2019

Samuel and a Google Developer Student Club community in Uganda together solved a local challenge by building a mobile app with Firebase for users to track their medical vaccinations and enable better tracking for patients and healthcare workers. Their team won the annual Solution Challenge competition after being selected from a pool of 170 applicants.

June 2019

Meet David Asem, Google Developer Student Club Lead in Ghana. Hear David discuss the challenges for first year students and how GDSC Ghana solves accessibility for first year students at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana.

June 2019

As a Google Developer Student Club member, Hastu Wijayasri developed an app to help the visually impaired. Her story has inspired developers around the globe.

April 2019

Google Developer Student Clubs train thousands of student developers globally and work with their communities to solve real-life problems. Here, students from Ashesi University in Ghana share their experience at a Cloud Study Jam.

January 2019

At first, Hastu thought she couldn’t become a developer because she is hearing impaired. Then, she met Tesya at a local Indonesian Google Developer Student Club, and Tesya took the time to mentor Hastu in Android technology. Fascinated by what she learned in her GDSC, Hastu dedicated her time towards building an Android app that helps facilitate connecting the blind with sight volunteers. Hastu aspires to become the CTO of an Indonesian start-up in the future. She continues to build apps, and solve local problems for her community.

Akshay’s story

July 2018

He shares that GDSC can lead to internships, jobs, and the chance to connect with the local tech community.

Tanvi’s story

June 2018

One group in her club created a suggestion app for the faculty and students. Her experience at Google I/O 2018 will help them improve the app and continue to solve problems for their community.

Vijay’s story

June 2018

He will take what he learned back to his group to improve their app, Unipool, which helps students organize carpools to get to university safely.

Mahika’s story

June 2018

One group in her club is working on Dost-e-Kisan, an app for farmers that makes use of the weather forecast for optimal use of water.

Christy’s story

May 2018

Hear about Christy's GDSC, his journey to I/O and the application he and his team built for a local shop owner.

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