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Intro videos

Get an overview for the steps and timeline of the Google Developer Student Clubs 2021 Solution Challenge

Learn how to research the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and brainstorm ideas for your 2021 Solution Challenge project.

Walk through the journey to building a successful project

The Design Sprint—an exercise developed at GV, formerly known as Google Ventures—is a popular method that you can use to identify your solution. The Design Sprint usually takes five days to complete, and provides a flexible framework that solves problems through design, prototypes, and tests. It lets you and your team validate ideas before you build a product. Watch this video to learn more about how to identify a solution.

Learning content

Follow these learning pathways and courses to improve your skills and project. Stuck? Through the Parthean platform, you can contact Google Developers Experts, who are ready to help you with any technical questions that you might have regarding your solution.
Learn the basics of building Android apps with the Kotlin programming language.
Learn to build beautiful, natively compiled desktop, mobile, and web apps from a single codebase with Flutter.
Learn everything that you need to know to demystify machine learning, from the first principles in the new programming paradigm to creating convolutional neural networks for advanced image recognition and classification that solve common computer-vision problems.
Learn to build basic and intermediate Actions for Assistant, as well as how to create advanced features and engage users.
Learn to build apps with Firebase, Google's mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps and grow your business.
Learn how to design and build data processing systems.
Learn how to measure Web Vitals, engage users with push notifications, capture media with WebRTC, and improve identity forms.
Check out Google's other codelabs that cover other developer technology, such as augmented reality, IoT, and Wear OS.


Learn how to build an Android app in the Kotlin programming language.

Learn about Flutter, Google’s mobile UI framework, which you can use to craft high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time.

Learn about Google Cloud and how to get started with it.

Learn the fundamentals of how to build ML models with TensorFlow.

Learn about the latest and greatest features in TensorFlow that let you go from nothing to a working ML model in a few minutes.

Learn how to build progressive web apps.

Learn how to use AMP to build a website and publish visual stories, and keep up with the latest updates.

Learn how Firebase can benefit your apps.