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Ziyu LIN
Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Earth Engine

My Biography

Ziyu is a PhD student who has specialised in plant ecology, biogeography and climate change impacts. She is one of the early users of GEE platform, who has developed global scale flood risk maps, long time-series land cover algorithms, and GPP models based on GEE platform. She is always a fan to conduct applications using state-of-art RS data. Currently, she is trying to quantify key metrics of temperate forest ecophysiology based on fine-scale dense time-series CubeSat (PlanetScope). She is also an active advocate of GEE, and developed lab tutorials, courses, and workshops for both undergraduate and postgraduate students at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), Sun Yat-sen University, and Southern University of Science and Technology. She has already brought EE platform to a broad audience such as ant biologists in HKU. With the multidisciplinary background of GIS, RS, earth system modeling, and Ecology, she hopes to bring the EE community new insight of what ecologists are looking for, as well as bridge any gaps between ecologists and EE community.