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Zig Mandel
Lima, Peru


Google Workspace, Identity

My Biography

Zig is CTO of Cloudware360, a Google Apps Enterprise Partner based in Latin-America that specialises in Cloud Computing. For many years, he worked as a Software Developer at Microsoft (Redmond), before moving back home to Peru where he made the change to Google and started specialising in all their services and APIs. Since 2011, Zig has led his own company's development team, producing enterprise-quality products and solutions for large corporations and the government – based mostly on Google Cloud Platform integrated with Google Apps. He loves designing highly-scalable, efficient, and robust architectures; speaking at Google-run conferences and providing community support (mostly in stackoverflow) and helping out as a manager for the Google+ community Developing add-ons for Google Docs/Sheets/Forms. While leading his development team, he became frustrated with the lack of good solutions for tracking software projects that don't cost the earth, so he developed 'Plus for Trello', a free, open-source Chrome extension for Trello, which is now used by thousands of teams worldwide.