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Yecely Aridai Diaz
Xalapa, Ver., Mexico


Machine Learning (Cloud ML Engineering)

My Biography

I am VP of Engineering at REWORTH. My activities include the organization of the technology team, business planning, and the data area. Currently, one of my most important projects is a recommendation system for the end-user using machine learning techniques such as clustering. I have a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. In my research I proposed a method of predicting trends on Twitter based on incremental learning on a multi-agent platform. I used the Hoeffding tree algorithm to find association rules that later allowed me to find a list of recommendations to position messages on Twitter. I made two publications in international magazines where I presented my results. One of these publications was in the International Conference on Mining Intelligence and Knowledge Exploration and the other in Advances in Multimedia of Hindawi. I like to share knowledge in different social media and I have participated as an instructor in some educational platforms such as Codigo Facilito and Platzi