Vasilika Klimova
Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Web Technologies (UI and Tooling)

My Biography

I have been engaged in web development since 2010. I develop web interfaces. I have experience with 3D graphics in the browser. Love beautiful visual effects on websites, responsive markup, video games, and travel. At the moment I live in Luxembourg and I am working in the fintech field. Before I was Frontend Team Lead at Artec3D and also worked as a Full-stack developer on PHP / JavaScript for 2 years. I have been one of the organizers of the MoscowJS community and a speaker at various conferences and meetups. I was one of the organizers of the Frontend Union Conf in Moscow. Currently, I am one of the LuxembourgJS meetup organizers. I also teach courses about web development at my SkillUp web school for adults and children without any IT background. I like to teach people modern technologies and to share my skills with colleagues. In 2019 I created the Cute Geek IT agency, we do different web projects for clients (React, Three.js, e-commerce).