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Vandad Nahavandipoor
Norrköping, Sweden


Dart, Flutter

My Biography

I am a full stack developer using Flutter, React Native, SwiftUI and Combine plus Kotlin for the front-end, and Python + Django and Node.js for backend and website development, plus Rust for embedded development. I share knowledge about all of this on LinkedIn for everyone to enjoy. I started programming on my father's Commodore 64 using BASIC around 1991, and moved to QBasic after purchasing my own PC. From that I moved to Visual Basic and picked up Borland Delphi a few years later. After studying at university I then got interested in C#.NET and Assembly. I even wrote my own little 16-bit operating system complete with a running shell environment using Assembly. Aside from programming, I am a father to 3 beautiful children. I have lived in many countries and have learnt something from every culture. I am social and love working with colleagues, and I don’t shy away from expressing what I believe in.