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Vadim Markovtsev
Madrid, Spain


Machine Learning

My Biography

Vadim is a Head of Machine Learning at Athenian where he is responsible for data science, ML, and backend engineering tightly coupled with the Google Cloud ecosystem. Vadim used to develop deep neural networks and other ML models that aimed to understand all of the world’s developers through their code at sourced.tech. He is also one of the creators of the historical distributed deep learning platform Veles (https://velesnet.ml) while working at Samsung. Afterwards, Vadim was responsible for the machine learning efforts to fight email spam at Mail.Ru - the largest email service in Russia. In the past, Vadim was also a visiting associate professor at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, teaching about new technologies and conducting ACM-like internal coding competitions. Vadim is a big fan of GitHub (vmarkovtsev) and HackerRank (markhor), as well as he likes to write technical articles on a number of websites, including blog.sourced.tech. You’ll find his speaker portfolio at vmarkovtsev.github.io.