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Tim Akhmetgareev
Moscow, Russia


Firebase, Google Play, Payments

My Biography

Firebase expert, GDG community leader. Timur is an Android Lead at App in the Air, travel assistant app since 2013. He crossed paths with Firebase months before its re-launch on I/O `16. After brilliant EAP App in the Air story about success with Firebase has been pitched at one of the talks at I/O. Since then Tim has been consulting startups about what Growth tools suits them best explaining at the same time what opportunities does the whole ecosystem give to developers. Tim believes that developers from small companies can`t spend time coding only. They should also get involved in all processes that are related to end-user experience. Firebase aims to solve that issue by introducing various tools and helps them implement and grow their ideas even if they`re not a full-stack. Experienced with: Android performance, Firebase, Play Store tools (from stats to deployment), Material design: adapting your app to Material style, developing style guides.