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Tatiana Petrache
Bucharest, Romania


Machine Learning

My Biography

I am naturally curious with a wide range of interests in various topics and I take great pleasure in learning new things about technology, neuroscience, nature and culture. I enjoy demystifying complex concepts in a simplified and humorous manner - for example, I used an analogy on cookie monster to explain how the lambda architecture works. I have a great interest in learning how the mind works, as seen from many perspectives: psychology (operant conditioning), neuroscience (dopaminergic reward system), machine learning (reinforcement learning), economy (game theory) and many more. This is why I decided this year to start pursuing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, more specifically on Reinforcement Learning (with a focus on learning an agent to play test based games). Currently, I work as a Machine Learning Engineer at Avira doing research and experiments about network anomaly detection and device fingerprinting. In parallel, I collaborate with a private academy in Bucharest to deliver Machine Learning courses to organizations. My passion for Data Analytics & Machine Learning has started more than 10 years ago, the first important milestone being my dissertation thesis – In Business Intelligence Veritas. It all continued naturally with my role as Big Data / Business Intelligence Consultant at Oracle where I had the opportunity to work with customers across EMEA on many interesting data driven projects. Another rewarding experience is the Big Data Analytics certification from Harvard Extension which has basically lighten up my interest for analytics at large scale. I am an active member of the Big Data & Machine Learning community, speaking and taking part in numerous conferences and local meetups. I enjoy interacting and learning from my colleagues and friends – it fills me up with so much positive energy. Whenever I have some spare time I love playing the piano, reading books and simply chilling while listening to some nice music.