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Taekmin Kim
Seoul, Korea Republic of


Machine Learning

My Biography

Taekmin is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Computer Science at Seoul National University. He is interested in machine learning, with a focus on optimizing deep learning algorithms on resource-constrained devices such as mobile and embedded hardware. He has extensive experience working for a variety of startups. Among the projects in his portfolio include building a Xen-based cloud system as well as developing what has now become the most popular online dating application in Korea. He loves a challenge and believes that one of the biggest expressions of creativity is creating personal projects. Therefore he has individually built and released a wide range of web services and mobile applications, some of which are available on Google Play and the App Store. In his private time, he enjoys learning new foreign languages as well as new programming languages. He believes that communication is imperative and that language (both natural and programming) is the bridge that cements social cohesion, fosters connectivity and builds communities.