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Siddharth Ajmera
Sydney, NSW, Australia



My Biography

Siddharth is a full-stack JavaScript Developer currently based out in Sydney, Australia. He focuses on developing applications on Angular and Firebase in its various flavors. He works for TATA Consultancy Services as an I.T. Analyst and is responsible for bootstrapping digital transformation engagements, enforcing Angular style guides and reviewing Angular code. He is very active in the Angular Community on channels like StackOverflow, Medium and YouTube. He is also a published author on PacktPub, and Udemy(TypeScript, Angular, Firebase & Angular Material Masterclass; Firebase Authentication masterclass with Angular). Siddharth loves to share his knowledge of Angular development with others via StackOverflow Answers, YouTube Videos, and Medium Articles, full of tips about producing quality software. Siddharth also loves to travel and is a hobbyist photographer. He goes by the name of "SiddAjmera" and can be reached out to, on social channels with the same.