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Sharon DiOrio
Weymouth, MA, United States



My Biography

After seeing the web for the first time in 1992, Sharon wasn't particularly blown away – until she discovered how to attach a databse to it! And while acknowledging the content hasn't changed all that much over the years, she recognises the technology driving it certainly has. Starting with Filemaker and Lasso, ColdFusion 3.0-10, and a side-trip into Microsoft and PHP, she ultimately landed in the 'wild wild west' of open-source – and Javascript-based technologies like Node.js, MongoDB, and AngularJS. Sharon is self-confessed tinkerer, creator, and passionate problem-solver. She's currently working on internal applications in quality management and business analytics for a fast-growing consumer goods company. In her spare time she's the 'Head Instigator' of the AngularJS-Boston Meetup – a very active user group of over 700 Angularians. Sharon also speaks on AngularJS and related topics at technology conferences across the US. Sharon specializes in consumer products, management consulting, aviation, travel, retail, training. She is also a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SMU, and has a Masters with honors from RTFM.