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Sharmistha Chatterjee
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Google Cloud Platform (Data Analysis), Machine Learning

My Biography

• Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from Aalto University with more than a decade experience in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. • Has worked across several industry domains, conceptualising business problems, doing POC, mentoring medium to large sized teams. • Passionate about learning new technology, sharing and contributing latest innovations with researchers, students and data scientists. Some of the specific machine learning and big data work includes: • Leading teams to productionize scalable. distributed deep learning AI solutions (Amazon SageMaker, GCP-tensorflow) . • Leading cross-functional teams to analyze huge data with hundreds of features using feature engineering, feature selection. (PCA and other supervised learning techniques), developing computationally efficient algorithms. • Architecting IOT analytics platform using Radius protocol and developing ML custom models using IOT data. • Architecting & leading product line for algorithm development on Advertising platform using machine leaning tools on Python (MLib on Apache spark, Supervised and Non-Supervised training, Deep learning - LSTM, RNN, Bi-directional RNN, CNN – Sentiment Analysis). Building cloud-based solutions on user Behavior Modelling, and Recommendation Engines. • Leading multiple analytics & ML prototypes of Big Data using Hadoop, Aerospike, Apache Spark, Big Query, tensorflow. • System level architecting in benchmarking AI based systems to reduce cloud costs by 30%