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Rihanna Kedir Ibrahim
Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


Dart, Flutter, Web Technologies (Runtime performance, CSS & DevTools)

My Biography

My name is Rihanna, a passionate software engineer and crafter. I am WTM Ambassador and Co-lead GDG Rome. I earned my bachelor degree in Computer Science at the University La Sapienza of Rome. In 2017 I won Google Developer Challenge Scholarship and completed Front End Nanodegree program from Udacity and afterwards I got certified on January 2019 as Mobile and Web Specialist. For the last five years I have been working as full-time Developer on administrative and banking applications, mostly on Front-end. Prior to starting my developer career I worked for years as Accountant while taking courses in Art And Fashion Design and worked as Fashion Accessories designer while earning my bachelor in Computer Science. My past working experiences and creativity lead me to be passionate mostly on web and mobile technologies. I strongly believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and experience and that is why in my spare time I do volunteering as mentor and co-organizer in various Hackatons, tech-conferences and events. Since 2016 I am volunteering as Mentor for CoderDojo and my favorite part of this amazing experience is to inspire young people to create with code and I find it very pleasant to be part of next generation development.