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Raul Portales
Dublin, Ireland


Android, Internet of Things

My Biography

Raul is a Software Engineer with a strong focus on product and quality. No longer a contractor, he also co-founded a game studio called The Pill Tree, which ran for a year. He switched from Symbian to Android in early 2009 (before Android versions had tasty names) and never looked back. He loves public speaking, and has presented at several DroidCons and Game Developer Conferences. After working a lot on front end – especially building games – Raul has developed a special interest in UX and UI. His current favourite topic is Playful Design. He also maintains the Leonids library, which is a particle system for standard Android UI. While living in Amsterdam, Raul was actively involved in Appsterdam and the DutchAUG. Since moving back to Dublin, he now collaborates with the Dublin GDG.