Nisanur ILHAN
İstanbul, Turkey


Machine Learning (TensorFlow Core)

My Biography

I was born in Istanbul on 10-13-1998.I graduated from the Department of EEE in 2020. I worked as an intern in an UAV company for about 100 days in 2019. My interest in software started after my internship.I started to switch from hardware to software in the projects I was involved in. After graduation,I successfully completed a 4-months Data Science bootcamp.In this bootcamp learned more about Machine Learning libraries using Python and participated in many Kaggle competitions so, I had the opportunity to understand better how I should use the data with algorithms.I noticed that Computer Vision was the most interesting for me. In the meantime,I successfully completed many courses on Machine Learning and completed specialization specifically on TensorFlow in order to improve myself. After the courses, I received a TensorFlow Developer Certificate at the first attempt. I have been certified as a TensorFlow Developer by Google since July 2020. After bootcamp,I worked in the Department of AI and Data Management in the bank.I learned about BigData technologies and in which application large customer data is used with ML Algorithms. After exploring this field where I work with love,I started to do my master’s in Computer Science and Engineering at Sabanci University in 2021.At the same time I’m TA of an interfaculty course IF100 Computational Approaches to Problem Solving that aims to teach the logic of programming and Python in Sabanci University. I started Google DSC at the university where I graduated in September.I have hosted many inspiring people and done many study jams. Students who did not have an interest before started working in the field of AI,now inspired by me.It's the best gift I have ever received. Now, I am working as an autonomous driving software development engineer at Otokar, to be more specific, I’m working on a perception module for autonomous vehicles. I’m working on Lidar and Camera detection, classification and tracking,perception algorithms