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Nathaly Alarcon Torrico
La Paz, Bolivia


Machine Learning

My Biography

MSc. in Data Science by Granada University in Spain, Systems Engineer from Escuela Militar de Ingeniería in La Paz Bolivia, I have also received Machine Learning training in Stanford (USA) and CIFAR (Canada). Currently I work as a Data Scientist in Mojix an IoT company. I have been a speaker and organizer in GDGs and WTMs communities since 2012 in La Paz (Bolivia) and also in Peru. Currently I am the local ambassador of Women in Data Science, WiMLDS and RLadies in La Paz. I provide training and tech talks within the communities and also in local universities. I have received WTM travel grants to attend to TensorFlow Dev Summit in San Francisco on 2018. And on 2019 I have been selected to attend the KhipuAI Conference in Uruguay.