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Morgan Crowley
Ottawa, ON, Canada


Earth Engine

My Biography

Morgan Crowley is a Forest Fire Research Scientist with NRCan at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre - Canadian Forest Service. Dr. Crowley is the Tier 2 scientific lead of the WildFireSat mission that will be launched in 2028. She holds a Ph.D. in Renewable Resources from McGill University, an M.S. in Natural Resources and the Environment from the University of New Hampshire and a B.A. in Environment and Development from McGill University. As an award-winning Earth observation scientist, Dr. Crowley's research explores novel applications of multi-scale fire monitoring using cloud-based processing platforms like Google Earth Engine and multi-sensor satellite data fusion. Dr. Crowley engages in multiple international collaborations with industry, academia, and government. She is also the co-director of the Ladies of Landsat organization, which works to increase support for underrepresented scientists in the field of remote sensing.