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Mikhail Berlyant
Los Angeles, United States


Google Cloud Platform (Data Analysis)

My Biography

Mikhail is a Data Warehousing veteran. He has been a data developer since late 70’s. Since 2000 he led Data Systems, Data Mining and Data Warehouse Teams at Yahoo and Myspace. Mikhail is currently a Senior Vice President, Technology at Viant Inc. (Time Inc. Company) a people-based advertising technology company that enables marketers to plan, execute and measure their digital media investments through a cloud-based platform. At Viant, Mikhail led migration of petabytes-sized Data Warehouse to Google Cloud and currently is focusing on Self-Serve / Productivity Tools for BigQuery / Google Cloud Platform. Mikhail is a data enthusiast and helping others as time allows. His Chrome extension for BigQuery (BigQuery Mate) was adopted in his company as well as across the world by BigQuery users with great feedback including from Google Team and BigQuery Team in particular He loves working with developers, and helping them to succeed. He loves sharing his knowledge and experiences with others and can be often found answering questions on StackOverflow where in last two years he has answered more than 1200 questions and being top google-bigquery answerer for last 12 months.