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Kai Zhu
Zhengzhou, China


Android, Kotlin

My Biography

I'm an Android developer and an open source contributor. In late 2014, I open-sourced a personal project MaterialEdittext (, which currently has 5.3k stars. The library was adopted by Flipboard Android team. Later I joined Flipboard (Beijing) with a referral. In late 2015, I wrote an article titled "Detailed Introduction to RxJava for Android Developers" ("给 Android 开发者的 RxJava 详解", which was trending and had reached more than 100,000 views. During the period, I had also given 2 tech talks at GDG Beijing conferences. In July 2016 I left Flipboard to make a series of tutorials of articles and videos to tackle the most common bottlenecks for intermediate and senior Chinese Android developers. I subsequently launched my tutorial project called HenCoder ( In the first day I launched HenCoder, I gained 3000+ WeChat subscribers without promotion. The subscribers of HenCoder are from China startups, big companies including Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Uber, Didi, ByteDance, and Chinese communities outside China such as Japan, Singapore, and the US.