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Juan Lombana
Mexico City, Mexico



My Biography

Juan is a tech addict, a soccer lover and pizza connoisseur. At 19 years old, he was a Google Regional Trainer, he helped marketing agencies and companies from all shapes and sizes to create and optimize their digital strategy. Juan was also the Google Academy trainer for all Spanish speaking countries. He has certified thousands of people in Google AdWords and Google Analytics with different training programs. He started the Google Academy program and since then, he has worked with hundreds of businesses such as Coca-Cola, Kellogg's, Heineken, Unilever, Best Buy, Sony, Epson, Wal Mart, etc. Later in his career Juan took a step into entrepreneurship and founded Mercatitlán, a platform with online and offline courses that teach you how to use different digital marketing tools and strategies. He also has a huge community of marketers willing to learn every day following him through social media and his blog.