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Jorge Castillo
Murcia, Spain


Android, Kotlin

My Biography

Hi! Nice to meet you. I've been a Senior Android and Kotlin Engineer for around 8 years already. I've worked on diverse product companies and also consultancies. I am very focused on Android UI, architecture, testing, automation. Also anything regarding Kotlin, and lately a lot into Functional Programming in Kotlin, being one of the Arrow library creators. I am an active speaker, having talked on different national and international events, like Kotlinconf 2017, Droidcon Greece, Mobilization Poland, Google I/O Extended, Kotliners 2019, and many more. I am also a pretty active online speaker now. I frequently write about both Android and Kotlin on my tech blog ( and I'm pretty active on Twitter. I am also an active open source creator, where I've always been part of Arrow but also created my own libraries like Hiroaki, an API integration testing library that leverages Kotlin language features like extension functions. Other good examples could be libraries like AndroidColorX or AndroidFillableLoaders. This is probably a good summary but feel free to ping me about anything you need to know!