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Jonathan Campos
Dallas, TX, United States


Google Cloud Platform (Modern Architecture)

My Biography

Jonathan is an innovative and resourceful programmer who keeps an endless watch on what’s next in emerging technologies. His keen eye for great user interfaces and knowledge of technical development, coupled with his unique approach to problem-solving and constant thirst for knowledge make him a go-to resource for all things technology. With over 15 years of development expertise and 10 years of consulting, Jonathan is able to provide a wide variety of solutions to large multi-national clients along with growing startups. Jonathan currently serves as CTO at Alto Experience. As CTO of Alto Experience, Jonathan is focused on providing innovative and magical moments for Alto's users. Jonathan's background started as a developer focused on web and mobile technologies and expanded over the years to include Google's Cloud Platform, cloud application development best practices, and newer Machine Learning techniques. Jonathan spends much of his time giving back to the community serving as co-organizer for Dallas' Google Cloud Platform user group and serving on the Tech Titans board in Dallas.