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Jean-François Garreau
Nantes, France


Web Technologies (Capabilities & Installability)

My Biography

Jean-François is a developer since more than 10 years. He first started with java and took a look at Android in 2009 but now, he fully jumped into the web with subjects like WebRTC / Angular / WebSockets / PhysicalWeb. He loves the Web of things and the way he can link the real world to the web ! He generally gives a lot of conferences in order to share his discoveries. Besides work, he co-created the GDG Nantes in 2011, imported the concept of Devoxx4Kids in Nantes and co-created Nantes Wit, a user group dedicated to women in technology. He is also one of the DevFest Nantes organisers. He's in charge of the "fun&geek" demos of the DevFest each year (WebRTC / Webluetooth / Ultrasonic / Myo).