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Israel Blancas
Granada, Spain


Google Cloud Platform (Modern Architecture)

My Biography

Hello! I'm Israel. I'm from Granada (Spain). Currently, I'm working as Quality Engineer at Red Hat as part of the Distributed Tracing team. I started to be involved with open source communities more than 8 years ago. I'm the GDG lead organizer in GDG Granada. I'm really interested in observability and, especially, distributed tracing. During my journey, I work with different technologies: Docker/Podman, Kubernetes/OpenShift, Golang, Jaeger, OpenTelemetry, and (sometimes) Istio and Kiali. Every day, I work on Open Source projects! Also, I'm a big Python fan. Something I really love is going to conferences and meetups to talk about technology. You can meet really nice people. It is really satisfying when you share what you know with others.