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Fellyph Cintra
Dublin, Ireland


Web Technologies

My Biography

Front-end engineer addicted learner, team worker and passionate about funny socks. I have been working professionally with front-end since 2006. Digital agencies, news portal, startups and now Consultants, I've worked with different types of companies and I brought different experience from them. My strongest is client-side front-end development. Moreover, My main domains are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SASS, Compass, Angular and React. On server-side, I usually code in Java and PHP. Originally from Brazil, currently, I'm based in Ireland living a new challenge, working with .NET e Umbraco a new platform different than what I was working before. But my belief is: if you understand the bases and the process behind each technology, you will be able to jump between different platforms. In 2010 He attended his first WordCamp as a volunteer, 4 years later became WordCamp organizer. Since attended his first WordCamp, he already participated as a speaker in 10 more WordCamps in South America and Europe, Always talking about his favourite subject: front-end and Google technologies. Work with communities is one of my passions, in 2014 I had the chance to work as a community manager on Blackberry mobile dev group. Blackberry was my first experience with a multinational company and there I had the chance to guide 10 students and work directly with the developer community in Sao Paulo.