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Eslam Medhat
6th of October City, Egypt



My Biography

Session Lead at Udacity. Program Mentor at Google For Startups Accelerators. Expert Trainer at BambooGeeks. Tech-Youtuber @Eslam Medhat - اسلام مدحت Youtube Channel. Focused on topics like Firebase, Android, Flutter, Chatbots, Google Assistant, and DialogFlow. Co-Founded the Google Developers Group 6 October City and was able to grow the community to over 5000 members over 7 years with +20K followers on social media. == As an educator, I feel genuine happiness when I help others and see them succeed in their careers. The feeling of proudness when people tell you they managed to do this and that thanks to you not only recharges your batteries and makes you want to do it again, it also pushes you to reach higher levels so that you can help even more people more efficiently.