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Elad Amit
Tel Aviv, Israel


Google Cloud Platform

My Biography

I've been a part of the IT industry since 1998, making the shift to product development in 2001 when I formed my own software development shop specializing in e-commerce solutions along with several of my closest friends. Since then, I've served as an R&D Team Leader, Program Manager, Director of Product Development, and Agile Development Consultant. Over the past 6 years I've led several architecture and operations teams in high growth and large scale environments . Linkedin profile - Sessionize page - Gave this talk around good practices for scrum masters at Agile Israel 2010 - . And this talk around ToC thinking processes and their relation to agile transformations at Agile Israel 2011 - and at Agile Central Europe 2011 as well - . I’ve also given several agile courses in Israel and Canada from 2009-2011, class sizes varied from 15-30 people And gave this talk at Reversim 2017 Google 2018 Summit Tel Aviv - took part in the event keynote - Google Next SF 2019 - gave a talk on Creating Interactive Cost and KPI Dashboards Using BigQuery -