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Azzeddine CHENINE
Algiers, Algeria


Machine Learning (TensorFlow Core)

My Biography

Azzeddine CHENINE is an AI Research Engineer at InstaDeep and a Machine Learning Google Developer expert. For the past 3 years, his focus was on Hardware design acceleration using Deep Reinforcement Learning. Starting from his master thesis where he worked on designing and implementing a new hybrid fault-tolerant re-mapping approach for heterogeneous NoC (Network on chips) combining Deep Reinforcement Learning and Multi-objective optimization techniques. This work required a detailed implementation of the NoC environment and benchmarks of the RL agent performance against widely adopted multi-objective algorithms for the problem of re-mapping on NoCs. Since joining InstaDeep, he has been working on the deepPCB project; a cloud based AI solution for the Printed Circuit Board routing problem. As a GDG Algiers Co-Organizer since 2016, Azzeddine has been helping his community grow their skills in the AI/ML fields by sharing resources, knowledge and career experience. And most importantly pushing towards an AI first solution mindset when tackling the existing challenges in the region. Azzeddine has co-organized and animated several events and workshops for his community about various Machine Learning related topics like: Deep Reinforcement Learning, Tensorflow, Google Cloud and Machine Learning systems on both Android and Firebase. Azzeddine’s ultimate goal is to bring more people to see the opportunity of leveraging AI in real products that would solve real life problems.