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Antonio Guzmán Fernández
Iztapalapa, Mexico


Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace

My Biography

Antonio is a software developer and organizer of the GDG Cloud MX. Has been woriking in Google communities since 2010 (Android, G Suite APIs and GCP). Also he is Authorized Trainer for GCP and works as Technology Advocate for Xertica helping other people to know and adopt GCP. Through GDG Communities and GDE Program, he has given talks about Google Apps Script, Google Cloud Pplatform (BigQuery, App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, ML APIs, etc.) and helping startups through Launchpad program. He has also worked on some Google Developer Relations' LatAm initiatives designed to help empower the region. Antonio has worked with Google Mexico, and its local and regional partner, to offer training in Google technologies and APIs, especially Google Apps Script and Google Cloud Platform.