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Andrea Verlicchi
Imola, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy


Web Technologies (Performance)

My Biography

I love to craft and optimise websites. I’m passionate about user experience and especially web performance. I write about the web on my blog, on Medium and Smashing Magazine, and I love to speak at web conferences. I started working as a web developer 20+ years ago, then specialised on front-end (10+ years) and today I can count on 3 years of web performance specialisation, during which I worked on optimising Core Web Vitals on several websites, also in partnership with Google (JTP) while I was working at YOOX NET-A-PORTER. My current job at Cognizant Netcentric is focused on web performance optimisation: as a team of web performance experts, we do consultancy to optimize web performance, and we are maintaining a RUM tool for web performance. I’m also a fan of open-source I am the maintainer of vanilla-lazyload and responsive-images-automator, amongst others.