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Ahmet Melek
İstanbul, Turkey


Machine Learning (TensorFlow Core)

My Biography

Hello, my name is Ahmet and I am actively contributing to Turkey's Machine Learning ecosystem since 2017. I've started my career in Machine Learning by giving education. Since the first lecture that I have given, I have taught 100+ hours on Machine Learning which included projects using Google ecosystem tools such as Jax and Tensorflow. I mostly prepare middle-to-advanced level content, since that kind of content is rare in my region. Educational content that I've prepared reached hundreds, including Google DSC, GDG and TFUG members. Many of those participants are now giving lectures on their own, which makes me proud. After obtaining teaching experience, I worked as an ML researcher in Bogazici University BUMILAB. We have published our research on the use of ML in Medical Imaging, on Scientific Reports journal. (Chemotherapy Response Prediction with CNN-Autoencoders): Finally, I have started to work in the industry. I am working on NLP since 2020, and worked on problems like Entity Extraction, Question Answering, Text Retrieval, Relationship Extraction, and Faster Methods in NLP. My academic background is relatively unusual since I've graduated from the Department of Management in Bogazici University. Publishing research, having teaching experience, having professional experience, and receiving a few graduate level courses from the CS department resulted in me standing out in the field, in Turkey.