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Ahmet Melek
İstanbul, Turkey


Machine Learning

My Biography

Hello, my name is Ahmet, and I am actively contributing to Turkey's Machine Learning ecosystem and community for 3 years now. Starting point of my career in the field of Machine Learning was education. Since the first lecture that I have given, I have taught more than 100 in-class hours on Machine Learning which included projects using Google ecosystem tools such as Jax and Tensorflow. I prepare the content deliberately to be in middle-to-advanced level, since this kind of advanced content is prepared rarely in Turkey in open source communities. Educational content that I have prepared reached hundreds, including Google DSC and TFUG members and many of the participants that have joined to these educational programs are now giving lectures on their own, which makes me proud on the programs' success. After having experience on Machine Learning education, I have started to work as a research assistant on machine learning at Bogazici University to do research on Applications of Machine Learning on Medical Imaging. The main research that I have worked on is on predicting chemotherapy response via CNN-Autoencoders: Finally, I have started to work in the industry to improve my hard skills related to machine learning, such as development and deployment. I am working on Natural Language Processing for about one year now, and took role in various professional projects related to Entity Extraction, Question Answering, and Text Retrieval. My academic background is sometimes considered unusual since I am a senior student in the Department of Management in Bogazici University. Even though I consider this difference to be a unique characteristic of mine, I have been learning in computer science more and more, resulting in me applying exclusively to Computer Science Master's programs in my senior year. I am currently in the enrollment process of MCS Degree in University of Illinois.