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Adi Mazor Kario
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel



My Biography

Adi Mazor Kario, MSc Cognitive Science, GDE, Speaker, Google Design Sprint Master, Experience Strategist, Voice UX Expert. Adi is a Product Innovation & Value Creation Expert, Founder, InvincibleInnovation.Com Known for her ability to take creative business ideas and turn them into massive revenue, she leverages her proven strategies to create leading-edge business growth for the world’s most forward-thinking business leaders. She has worked with the likes of IBM, Intel, Google, and Waze — along with literally hundreds of startups in Israel, the “Startup Nation,” and played a crucial role in the Google Accelerator for 7 years. Her mission is to show ANY business (including yours!) how to innovate their way out of ANY challenge and create unbeatable products — ESPECIALLY during uncertain times. In fact, the biggest lesson Adi has learned in her time as a design and innovation strategist for today’s fastest-growing companies is that change is your BEST opportunity for growth. And she would love to show you how.