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Adewale Akinfaderin
Charlotte, United States


Machine Learning

My Biography

Adewale (Wale) Akinfaderin is a Data Scientist at Amazon. He has expertise in machine learning, deep learning, statistical experimentation and general information theory. He has broad experience in implementing and extending ML techniques to solve practical and business problems. In the past, he has built data veracity models using machine learning and natural language processing techniques for international development and developed ML algorithms to solve problems in the renewable space. He is an advocate of open source and democratizing learning and his writings on data science and machine learning have been featured on Hacker News, Data Science Central, Dataconomy, R Bloggers and IBM DSX. He has presented in technical conferences like the ML4ALL conference in Portland and the Google Developers ML Summit. In his spare time, he conduct research on Machine Learning for the Developing World and he was on the Program Committee for NeurIPS 2019 Workshop on Machine Learning for the Developing World. He also advises startups in the data science and artificial intelligence space.