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Seba Gnagnarella
New York City, United States


TECH: Architecture, PRODUCT: Development, PEOPLE: Leadership


Seba Gnagnarella is an Engineering Director for Google DeveloperX Application Services & Extensions. His team is responsible for providing powerful, secure, and scalable services - like Firebase - to help developers create, grow and monetize their apps. Before joining Google, he was Amazon Web Services’s Head of Engineering for the FinOps Platform, building products to help customers plan, analyze, control, and optimize their cloud cost and usage. His team also built the platform used by 1P and 3P developers to build cloud cost management applications. He has also held positions as CTO and CPO for Four Winds Interactive, SVP of Technology and IT at Inspirato, and a variety of technical and management roles at TTEC, including Chief Architect and Director of Client Solutions. Seba is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and holds a Software Engineering degree from the Buenos Aires University.