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Nsikak Nsikak John Ekpenyong
Lekki Lagos, Nigeria


    GROWTH: Partnerships, GROWTH: Business Development, PRODUCT: Development


    Nsikak John is from Akwa Ibom State, Nigerian and is currently Head, Innovation Hub, at the NGx Limited. He holds a first degree in Computer Science from University of Uyo, Nigeria, and also holds an advanced education certificate in Digital Transformation from MIT Emeritus. Nsikak started as a programmer and has moved across strategic Tech and Innovation Leadership roles in telecoms, financial services, and startups. He was co-founder Pepperest Africa – Social commerce powerhouse (2018) currently valued at $10m In his journey of over 2 decades, he has been founder, VC, Incubator/Accelerator and Tech Solutions Provider. Some career highlights: • Created the programs for the NGX Innovation Lab leading to a Portfolio valued at $5m in 3 years. He has supported over 200 Founders in Africa. • He implemented rollout strategy for ALAT, and Rubies Digital Bank solutions in Nigeria. Rubies scaled 4x in 2 years. • He designed the Artexchange – Blockchain Based Digital Assets Exchange as well as products and services to scale retail participation in the capital market leading to 25% growth YOY. • He created and launched the first Fintech/Digital innovation Training Program in the continent (2018) and growth hacked it to over 10,000 trainees globally. Current projects: • Startups Acceleration – 25 ventures to join portfolio 2022 – Details • Founders Coaching/Mentoring • Growth Consulting with Openexo Community Cohorts • Digital Assets Exchange Platform Development– Digital Arts. NFTs Project details available on request. Nsikak believes Africa is truly the next frontier, he foresees an Africa with exponential growth and wealth. He is strongly persuaded that a convergence of abundant young people and abundant challenges within the continent presents the perfect backdrop for digitally enabled venturing for wealth creation. Nsikak is an artist at heart; He loves to write, sing, travel and enjoy the softer things of life, beyond tech and ventures.