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Mate Kovacs
London, UK


GROWTH: Brand, GROWTH: Marketing, GROWTH: Business Development


Mate Kovacs is from Hungary and he specialises in strategic brand development and marketing communications with more than 15 years of experience. His 'Brand. Life Beyond Product' approach is focusing on how only brands – not products – can truly adapt to the changing tech business landscape. -Mentor [brand communications and growth] and advisor with global organisations in the tech ecosystem (ie. Google Launchpad, 500 Startups, Level39, APX, Chinaccelerator, etc.) -Founder of Water Lily Pond, a remote-first brand communications company working with tech startups and growing innovative companies across the globe, and Pitches of Paradise, a creative pitch deck design and storytelling solution for tech startups. -Co-founder of Tech London Advocates CEE, a non-profit organisation connecting the tech scene in Central and Eastern Europe with London and other global tech hubs. -For 12 years, he was working with global brands (ie. Colgate, Heineken and Pfizer) at leading ad agencies (i.e. Publicis, DDB and Saatchi) in London, Prague and Budapest. -He was helping blockbuster pharmaceutical brands (Bayer Healthcare, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, GSK, Janssen, Gilead, AstraZeneca, Teva and Takeda) across various therapy areas (immunology, diabetes, oncology, cardiovascular, haemophilia, HIV-1/HCV, oral health, etc.) launch new products, brands and integrated promotional campaigns with over $800k of marketing communications budget. Mate also worked with smaller innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies (i.e. argenx) and digital health startups. -Some of Mate's personal interests: Bedroom DJ (Deep house, NuDisco) Uncharted and point 'n click adventure games on PS4 Remote work and working from anywhere while travelling Korean movies and nature documentaries Body- and mind-health (tai qi, qi gong, gong fu, plant-based nutrition, ayurveda, buddhist meditation, yoga, etc.) Favourite quote: "This too shall pass" (source: unknown)